Birdie Apps delivers leading edge GPS technology to everyday golfers

Embracing technology has long been a challenge in the golf industry.  Let’s face it – mobile devices are here to stay.  The sooner golf courses embrace this concept, the sooner they can realize the built-in advantages of mobile technology.  The new Birdie Apps HTML5 Golf GPS App for Golf Courses provides course managers with a powerful new marketing tool in the form of a state-of-the-art course app for their golfers’ smartphones, with optional in-cart solutions as well.  The App will build a rich profile of their customers over time and a valuable list of qualified email contacts for ongoing marketing efforts.  Golfers will experience a user-friendly GPS with detailed maps, pinpoint accuracy and a user-friendly interface.  Together, these features make Birdie Apps a tremendous value for golfers and a compelling offer for courses.  Lookout for Birdie Apps flying onto a golf course near you soon!

About Birdie Apps

Birdie Apps, the leader in golf GPS, provides the Best Golf GPS App and it is completely free. It includes advanced golf GPS features that other apps charge for.