Demo of Golf GPS App in Offline Mode

Offline Mode

Offline mode simply means the Golf GPS App does not need an internet connection to function properly.  Once the app is loaded and running in your phone, you can go out to the most remote golf courses – where there is no cell phone coverage at all – and the golf app will continue to function properly.  A demo of this can be seen in the video below.  To learn more, read The Importance of Offline Mode for Golf GPS Apps.

Golf GPS App Offline Demo

Here’s what happens in this quick demo video:

  1. The phone is online, and the Golf GPS App is launched.
  2. User logs in.
  3. User starts playing a round of golf at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course.  (User touches different places on the map to get distances)
  4. User exits that round and begins a new round of golf at the Grayhawk Raptor Course.
  5. At this point, both of these courses are loaded into the app.  An internet connection is no longer needed to play either of these courses.  The Golf GPS App is now ready to run in Offline Mode!
  6. User exits the app, and enters “Airplane Mode” on their phone.  This cuts off WiFi and cell phone connectivity, but allows the GPS chip to continue to function.
  7. User launches the Golf GPS App in Offline mode.  (Notice the error messages that there is no internet connectivity)
  8. User starts playing the 2 courses mentioned above, with FULL FUNCTIONALITY.
  9. Hole View, Green View, Custom Pin Placements…  The Golf GPS App is 100% functional in Offline Mode.


The Importance of Offline Mode for Golf GPS Apps

Having the ability to run your Golf GPS App in Offline mode is important for numerous reasons:

  • The golf course you’re playing may be in a remote location with no cell phone coverage or Wifi, so this is the only way your Golf GPS App will work there.
  • There may be coverage at your golf course, but your particular phone service provider does not have a strong signal there.
  • Offline Mode means annoying ads can’t be loaded while you’re in the middle of your round.
  • Since the Golf GPS App is offline, it is a single purpose app which will help you, rather than distract you.
  • Placing your phone in Airplane Mode will significantly extend the battery life.  See our related article Preserve Your Phone’s Battery Life with Birdie Apps Free Golf GPS App.
  • No internet connections means no waiting for the network.  Running our Golf GPS App in offline mode means everything is FAST and responsive.
  • Maybe you’re using your iPad or another device that doesn’t have a cell phone plan.

Using your Golf GPS App in Offline Mode

Whether you’re in Offline Mode or Online Mode, the most important thing is that you get outside more frequently and Enjoy More Golf!

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