Improving Pace Of Play With Golf GPS

Slow Golfer

Slow pace of play is perhaps the #1 frustration for golfers and golf courses alike.  A National Golf Foundation study recently found that 91 percent of serious golfers were bothered by slow play, and nearly 70 percent said the pace of golf has grown worse over time. USGA President, Glen Nager, recently mentioned “the golf community needs to act to address pace-of-play issues and they need to act now”. Birdie Apps has developed several features in its free golf GPS app that assist the golfing community in addressing this issue.

Are slow golfers driving you nuts?
Slow Golfer

First, as the golfer arrives to a pre-determined yardage to the green, the App will automatically switch views from “Hole” view to a detailed “Green” view. (On a side note, a terrific feature on the App is the golfer’s ability to easily customize this specific yardage). Secondly, the App knows exactly where you are on the course, so as you approach your next tee box you’ll automatically be switched to the hole being played.

Other apps on the market try to up-sell the golfer during their round which can be bothersome. Birdie Apps’ clean, clutter free App provides all golfers the premier features absolutely free and won’t interrupt your round. Together, these features limit the amount of time spent by the golfer in touching buttons and thereby increasing the pace of play!

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