Start Playing Better Golf With The Birdie Apps Free Golf GPS App

Golfers will no longer have to rely on inferior golf apps that drain phone batteries, provide poor course map information and require costly upgrades. What good is your golfing app if it requires so much power that it drains your phone of its entire battery life before the end of your round? Birdie Apps Golf GPS app is free to use.  It provides a clutter free interface with a superior user experience design. There are several key features like instant course download times, detailed green and hole views, mapped courses and distances to any point on the map.

To obtain the distance from your current course location to a hole pin on the map, simply tap the screen and place custom pins. The app will provide you with the distance to the pin placement. The Green View mode allows golfers to touch the screen where they’d like their shot to land and the app will provide the exact distance to that location. This is better than a professional caddy! There’s absolutely no better way to plan your next shot.

Birdie Apps Golf GPS App – Hole View

Professionally Mapped Golf GPS App Imagery

Birdie Apps Golf GPS App – Green View

  Professionally Mapped Golf GPS App Green View

The Golf GPS app allows you to see a hole from a bird’s eye view or even zoom in to a specific location on the hole through the Green View mode. This mode draws the line of approach to the hole and also provides the distance to the green’s center. The app provides a “smart grid” on the green to help players figure out precise approach shot distances. So, zoom in on your desired shot landing area and take aim.

Competitor apps merely show predetermined course locations like the first cut of rough or sand bunker locations. This pales in comparison to Birdie App’s technology which provides extensive mapping of golf courses by industry professionals. They provide pinpoint distance accuracy that is unrivaled in the golfing apps market. Simply put, Birdie Apps Golf GPS app arms golfers with all of the information about a golf course in order for them to focus on actual shot execution.

Users of the app are raving about the minimal battery power required in comparison to other golfing apps. The Golf GPS app uses the phone’s web browser and operating system for optimal energy efficiency.

Don’t let this happen

Golf GPS App Low Battery

Since it is written in HTML 5 and operates through your phone’s web browser, there is no need to download anything. It takes merely seconds to pull up the GPS app. Just type into your web browser, use the simple touchscreen interface and start golfing. The app even runs on many old phones that people would consider to be outdated. Every day there are new courses being uploaded to Birdie Apps’ site to help improve the handicaps of golfers across the country.


Apple Watch App now available.