Golf GPS
App + Scorecard

Professionally mapped courses provide
the best on-course experience.
Free and simple.

Apple Watch App now available.


Graphic maps are superior to satellite imagery. Easier to see in outdoor conditions, always high resolution, and never waiting on slow downloads.

GPS Distances - Green + Layup

Know the exact distances to the fairway and center of green.

Target Mode

Easily drag the Target to get distances to ANY spot on the course.

Hole View

Birds eye view of the entire hole.

Green View

Zoomed in view of the Green. Perfect for approach shots.

Offline Courses

Maps are saved to your device.

No internet connection required while golfing.


Exact distances to any location on the map.
Entire hole from bird’s eye view, or zoom in
Internet connection is NOT required.
Uses far less battery power than other apps.


  • ★★★★★The app works great. I use it every round I play and love the fact that in the settings you can tell it when to change holes and zoom into green view automatically. Best app I’ve purchased. Recommend to all golfers.
  • ★★★★★It’s clear, simple, practical, efficient
  • ★★★★★Should be ranked as a top gps golf app
  • ★★★★★Used the app several times and became a member. App is great - requested two course updates and has request filled in a few days. App is very easy to use and best of all users no data and not much battery life compared with other apps. I have downloaded several golf Apps and this is the best app I've run across. Courses download quickly and run offline
  • ★★★★★True Player's App. This app provides for better images than satellite views for shot planning. It is east to get your distances down in a moments time, which is much better than most apps. I've tried and the most important features for me. Actually helps my game and scoring, well worth the cost


Apple Watch App now available.