Golf GPS Without an Internet Connection

Golf GPS without WIFI or Phone Service The BirdieApps® Golf GPS App works in Offline Mode, meaning once a course is downloaded to the App, you can go to the most remote golf courses in the world, where no internet or cell phone services are available, and still use the Golf GPS App!  Even in Offline Mode, the App remains 100% functional. Golf GPS for WIFI iPad Yep, this works too, as long as you have the model that has GPS capability, you simply download the course while at home, and then take the iPad with you to the golf course.  Because our App works… Continue reading »

Golf GPS Usability – Variable Map Display

One Size Does NOT Fit All When it comes to Usability related to Golf GPS devices and software, personalization is the key to an optimal experience.  If you’re on a smaller hand-held device, you may need larger map images that fill up the entire width of your display, with the ability to scroll up and down.  But, if you’re on an iPad or any other large screen device, scrolling up and down to view the maps would be a nuisance.  It would be better to display the entire map within the single screen Variable Size Map Displays At Birdie Apps, we’re proud to be the first… Continue reading »