Golf GPS Usability – Variable Size Yardages and Text on Maps

Golf GPS Usability - Variable Size Text and Yardages

One Size Does NOT Fit All

When it comes to Usability related to Golf GPS devices and software, personalization is the key to an optimal experience.  Some people may have hawk eyes and prefer to see more graphics with smaller text, while others may find reading text on a handheld device to be difficult, so they prefer larger text on top of easier to view graphics.  This is why Usability is so important.  Simply asked, is your Golf GPS App Usable for YOU?  Or is it a static software application that comes in one size and is expected to fit ALL golfers?

Variable Text Size for Map Yardages

At Birdie Apps, we’re proud to be the first in the field to introduce Usability features to our Golf GPS App.  Now, golfers can customize the appearance of the Golf GPS App to fit their needs i.e. make it more usable for them.  Here’s an example of what this means.  You choose the text size on the Maps that works best for YOU:

Golf GPS App Usability - Normal Size Text

Normal Size Text

Golf GPS Usability - Big Size Tet

Big Size Text

Golf GPS Usability - Bigger Size Text

Bigger Size Text

 As you can see, you can personalize the size of the text to fit your needs.  If you need to personalize the size of the Map graphics, this is possible as well.  See Variable Map Displays on how to do that.


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