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Rancho Manana Golf Course Hole 4 GPS Map Green View

When it come to Golf GPS, golfers have numerous options. Let’s take a look at the best golf GPS solutions and analyze the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

The golf GPS market has exploded since the first units appeared in golf carts just a few years ago. From watches to smartphone apps, not every solution is for every player. Answering just a few questions about how you play can help you make a good decision. Continue reading

Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club

Silverado Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ ranks as one of the most frequented courses in the area. The staff at Birdie Apps reveals why this course is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Continue reading

Orange County Golf

Orange County is a vibrant golf destination with no shortage of great golf experiences at reasonable prices. These courses, and many more, are all professionally mapped on Birdie Apps Free Golf GPS App. Continue reading

Frustrated Angry Golfer

A quick reminder for all golfers the next time they hit their local municipal course, resort course or country club. Continue reading

Golf is a tough game. The pros are amazing, but they also get a lot of help from their caddies. For the rest of us, we too can get help from our golf gps app. Continue reading

In-Cart Golf GPS System

In the early 2000’s, in-cart GPS solutions were a symbol of excellence at the finest golf courses who could afford the large investment. These days, fewer courses are using them, and for good reasons. Continue reading

The future of golf is dependent on the game’s ability to attract new golfers, especially the younger generation. Both Technology and Golf Course playability play an integral part to keep this great game relevant for future generations. Continue reading

Playing golf strategically will shave strokes off your game, so don’t be afraid to hit less club to set up your next shot. Using a simple GPS can help you refine your mental approach towards lower scores. Continue reading

Scottsdale Golf Courses

While the home of countless Championship caliber resort courses, the Scottsdale / Phoenix market is also home to some great courses at competitive prices. These best value golf courses, and many more, are all professionally mapped on Birdie Apps Free Golf GPS App. Continue reading

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