The Importance Of Offline Mode For Golf GPS Apps

Offline Mode

Offline mode simply means the golf app does not need an internet connection to function properly.  Once the app is loaded and running in your phone, you can go out to the most remote golf courses – where there is no cell phone coverage at all – and the golf app will continue to function properly.

Very few golf apps can do this.  And when you realize the golf GPS app you’re using can’t do it, it can be frustrating.  Here’s one golfer’s review:

Golf Logix Review about Golf GPS Offline Mode

Note – This reviewer also mentioned the battery drain.  Read this article to learn how the Birdie Apps Golf GPS App is WAY more efficient at preserving your phone’s battery.

How Does Offline Mode Work

When we talk about golf gps apps running in “Offline Mode” we generally mean this:

  1. Load the app (requires a connection)
  2. Choose the course and load the maps (requires a connection)
  3. Golf the ENTIRE round and have fun (No connection required)

The reason you can golf the entire round without an internet connection is because all the data to run the app was downloaded when the app was initialized.  From that point forward, you no longer need an internet connection.  It should be pointed out here that the GPS chip communicates directly with satellites independently of your internet connection, which is why you can still have accurate yardages while running in offline mode.

See our Demo of Golf GPS App in Offline Mode.

Why Doesn’t Every Golf GPS App Support Offline Mode?

It seems like a no-brainer.  This is obviously better than always requiring an internet connection.  At Birdie Apps, our golf app runs in Offline Mode.  Some reasons others may not are:

  1. Advertisements – They want to bombard you with Google AdMob advertisements throughout your round of golf.
  2. Features – They may want to support features like social media or real time stats that require an internet connection.
  3. System Design & Architecture – Creating an app that works this way is difficult, requires a lot of work, and needs to be part of the overall plan from day 1.  Some of the other apps are “stuck” with the way they designed their golf apps.

Other Drawbacks to “Online Mode” Golf GPS Apps

  1. Again, the Ads.  It’s so annoying to get an ad while you are about to swing the club.
  2. The Online Mode drains the battery.  It’s constantly sending & receiving internet requests for ads, tracking, features, etc, and the end result is your battery will drain before you even finish your round!
  3. Delays.  The golf GPS apps that are using an internet connection are the sluggish ones, where you sit and wait forever.  Even if you do have cell phone coverage on the golf course you’re playing, chances are the signal is weak, which means slow download times.  For those golfers out there using these Online Mode apps, you know all too well what I mean, unfortunately.  It can be frustrating waiting for your golf GPS app to load all that data – which is unnecessary – to give you a GPS distance.

A Better Way

The Birdie Apps free golf GPS app runs in Offline Mode.  You simply open the app by accessing from your mobile browser, choose your golf course, enter your email address, and the maps download.  From that point forward, an internet connection is not needed.  The app is quick & snappy, and with no cell coverage at all, continues to run fast as you enjoy your round of golf.  So give it a try!


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