Preserve Your Phone’s Battery Life With Birdie Apps Free Golf GPS App

Golf GPS App Battery

Golf GPS App Low Battery

The #1 issue many golfers have with their mobile golf GPS app is the incredible drain on their phone’s battery.  Birdie Apps mobile golf GPS app has solved that riddle.  Written in HTML5, Birdie Apps takes advantage of built in efficiencies of your phone’s web browser, which means when your phone is running Birdie Apps, it is doing so in a super efficient manner.  To start playing, golfers simply need to access their phone’s web browser, visit and get their round started. No need for lengthy downloads and it is completely free to use.  After starting a round a golf, the app requires ZERO internet connectivity.  By eliminating the networking requests, the app uses far less battery.  And since the app runs right in your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc), there is nothing running in the background draining your battery — or pillaging your address book information and other personal data, and transmitting it back, as most native apps do.

So use Birdie Apps free golf GPS app, or you’ll look like this guy:

Golf GPS App Battery

The game of golf presents enough variables, so make sure you are certain in knowing your phone will have enough battery life by using Birdie Apps Mobile Golf GPS App.  Other features that set apart Birdie Apps include:

  • Premium mapped courses.
  • Detailed hole and green views.
  • Distances to ANY point on the map
  • Instant course download times
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Completely FREE

New courses are coming online daily, so visit http// and experience the Birdie Apps difference for yourself.


Apple Watch App now available.