Simple Etiquette Tips for the Golf Course

Frustrated Angry Golfer

Dress Code

Golf Dress Code

Most golf courses have some sort of dress code such as not allowing jeans, shorts, shirts without collars, etc.  Why is this and why is it important to follow?  Many courses are selling an image, and golf attire is a large part of that image.  The last thing the pro shop staff wants to do is call somebody out on a dress code violation, because it is embarrassing to you and uncomfortable for the staff to point out.    Respect the course and your playing partners by following a simple dress code.  If you aren’t sure, simply call the course ahead of time.

Be Mindful of Your Language

Frustrated Angry Golfer

​Make the experience fun for those in your group.  Take a deep breath, take in the beauty of the course and find your peace of mind.  It will not only make you a better golfer but make the round much more enjoyable for those in your group.  Playing with light hearted golfers who can laugh at their bad shots really lowers the tension dial.  Most of us use golf as an escape from the stresses of the world, so please do your best to tone it down, ESPECIALLY if children are present.

Pick Up the Pace!

While on the course, there are a couple simple concepts all golfers should follow.  When the group in front clears out, please stop chatting and hit your shot.  You can still have a good time talking to your buddies, telling jokes, etc, but just do so on the way to your respective balls.

Also a big waste of everybody’s time is the endless search for balls.   A good rule to follow would be if there is a group waiting behind you, search for the ball as you walk and don’t spend more than 30 seconds going out of your way trying to locate your ball.  Nobody wants a 5+ hour round of golf, so taking these small steps will go a long way to a faster, more enjoyable round.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Golf Device

With the explosion of smart phones, more and more people have their phones handy during a round of golf.  Whether it is using a GPS app, waiting for an important work email, or corresponding with family, mobile phones on the golf course is a new reality.  Therefore, the suggestion here is to make sure the ringer and sound settings are turned off.  If one needs to urgently take a call, do so quietly and away from anybody swinging a club.  Be thoughtful of those around you.


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